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Bistro • Wine Bar


In Copitas we offer a multitude of cheeses of appellation, artisanal fabrications and
authentic milk jewelry, raw milk as often as possible. A large majority of cheeses come from France, but Spanish cheeses are also present.

Served on boards, the cheeses are also melted, grated or served in salads.

You will smell them by step into the bistro.


Millennial drink with many virtues, in Copitas we try to offer bistro wines,
easy to drink, friends’ wines, wines of thirst and pleasure,
finally, wines that combines with cheeses and cold meats.

Most wines come from France, without excluding some Spanish references.

Let’s not forget the sparkling wines, very present in our fridges!

The rule in Copitas is to taste the wine before drinking,
so that the amateur finds juice to his palate.

We don’t mess with pleasure.

Cold cuts

Inseparable elements of the bistroterie, the Copitas cold cuts come from all over
France, many from the Pyrenees and of course Spain.

Our friends, pigs, boars, deer, rabbits, ducks and poultry are obviously in the spotlight
in the bistro, through pâtés, foie gras, rillettes, sausages, dry sausages and
other cured meats ready to be eaten.

Enjoy your meal !

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Carrer del Rosselló, 473
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+34 930 07 60 11